Whole Plant Direct is Proud to Support the Unsung Heroes of Election 2020: POLL WORKERS!

Even though September 1st has come and gone, it’s not too late to become a Poll Worker! Visit US Election Commission for more information! — #PPE4Polls WholePlantDirect.com/Donate

Pocket-Sized Hand Sanitizer: ‘PC Load Letter’ Meets Elections

Who are these unsung heroes? To quote the wisdom of Sesame Street, these are “…the people in your neighborhood. They are the people that you meet when you’re walking down the street, the people that you meet each day.”1 Yes, that’s right, these people are the ordinary citizens like us who are transformed into extraordinary Poll Workers, with superpowers to answer our endless questions and quell our anxieties as WE attempt to remain six feet from one another, lost in the new normal of arrows, masks, and lines. But our Poll Workers aren’t so lucky, they may need to come closer than six feet, which is why we are proud to offer the additional protection of pocket-sized hand sanitizer.

‘Democracy is a Team Sport!’

There are countless efforts from many organizations. Two which caught our eye are More than a Vote, which offers an entire listing of state partnerships and Power the Polls, whose goal is to recruit 250,000 Poll Workers.

Post taken from MoreThanAVote Twitter
Images taken from PowerthePolls.org
Every vote matters; every Poll Worker matters, and every last bit of PPE matters! Visit Wholeplantdirect.com/donate to learn more!



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Jenny Balliet

Jenny Balliet

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