Oh my goodness! You made my evening. I will be writing on this topic for a few different Mediums as well. My daughter is a 5th Grader, and I am a former educator. Not only have you captured this story’s simplicity, and wonder, but you have made 5th graders Graders the heroes!

When children are genuinely concerned and cite the Constitution, we all should take notice. They are our future, and we owe this to them.

This student empowerment is what every parent strives for; to take their child’s passions and ignite them into a memorable learning experience. Further Mr. Rappaport, is the prototypical perfect teacher. This petition is a prime example of how small voices make a tremendous impact. Thank you for sharing such an amazing story! I will post a link to my stories on the matter when I finish them. #5thGradersRock #E4E #empoweredstudents #engagedlearners

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Dir. of Presentations, Athena.Trade|Consultant| |Educator|ADD/ADHD Coach|M.Ed. |Writer|MLAW student|Founder of MinED & Lula & CO|Mom (12yo ESports Gamer/Writer)

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