A review on technology policy regulation superposition

DISCLAIMER: This article was written as part of a final project for Digital Trade Law and shall not construe any legal, financial, nor investment advice. This piece was written for informational/educational purposes only. Views are solely those of the author.

Quantum Weirdness

Erwin Schrodinger’s¹ infamous “cat” experiment² has characteristically been used to…

CHICAGO: For immediate release: Local Chicago Business, Whole Plant Direct, donates PPE to Polls to Protect Poll Workers

Whole Plant Direct is proud to be a part of history! Our Team has already voted, but many ballots are still waiting to be cast and counted. We worry about the Unsung…

The Big Bad Wolf becomes Pigs’ building inspector & regulators for the straw, stick, & brick industry

Disclaimer: This article was written in part for an analysis and response on the Forbes article, 15 Years On, President Clinton’s 5 Principles for Internet Policy Remain the Perfect Paradigm, by Mr. Adam…

School Resource Officers v. digital citizens, a lesson on data: “Truth Machine” or Trojan Horse?

Truth or Dare? A World Without Transparency

As an Education advocate, I have worked with many inspiring students of all ages and their passionate families. One trend I have noticed is that many students struggle with writing according to their “data.” Writing…

Inspiring social change through FOIA & Digital Citizenship

How to Inspire Social Change & Academic Success Through Digital Civic Responsibility

A brief overview of my multi-part video series on how and why we can use FOIA/advocacy writing to promote greater metacognition/critical thinking and empower students, families, and society for social change. [1]

Segmented videos contain added content to clarify. #DisruptEDELearners #DisruptED #ThePenIsMightierThanTheSword

A Living Document to Understand the Education Policy Surrounding

Dissecting “Defund the Police,” through analysis of the City of Chicago: Office of the Inspector General Review of the Chicago Police Department’s Management of School Resource Officers September 2018 (Report)

In recent weeks, the idea of “Defunding the Police” has polarized and trended across all channels of Social Media. While many would like this to sound like an extremist political view, what if we examined this from a lens of context…

Policy Education: A multi-faceted look at Education privacy in the Digital Transformation?

Disclaimer: This is offered for educational purposes only. I study law, I am not an Attorney; this article shall not construe any legal, financial, nor investment advice.


FERPA, short for the Family and Educational Rights Privacy Act., 34…

Examining J.C. v. Beverly Hills Unified School District 711 F. Supp. 2D 1094: Balancing parental responsibility & school duty in bullying and harassment rules

DISCLAIMER: This article is written for educational purposes only, it does not construe legal, financial, nor investment advice. Views are my own. …

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